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Fourth book in the Moonflower Mysteries Series

Secrets can be lethal.

Samantha has been settling into her new life since the unpleasant reunion a month ago. Her business, A Taste of Magic, is doing well, and she has started a new relationship. Her biggest concern is her daughter's refusal to use magic after the events of the previous month.

That is until she is asked to cater the black-tie event at the Cunningham Estate, where Finley Cunningham is to announce who will take over as the werewolf alpha in Moonflower once he passes.

The night is going well, including some special moments with her new boyfriend, until her great-aunt is found standing over her new beau's body, covered in blood.

With plenty of suspects, Samantha follows multiple branches of clues in the hopes of finding the culprit while also dealing with a difficult situation with her daughter.

Will secrets hold the clue to finding the person responsible?

Inheritance, Incantations & Investigation is the fourth paranormal cozy mystery in the Moonflower Mysteries Series.


Paranormal Cozy Mystery Author

Beverly A. Rearick

The paranormal has always been something I’ve been interested in since I was young. I even did some paranormal investigations at one time. Besides my love of the paranormal, I’m also a lover of anything to do with bats. You will find a bat somewhere in every story I write.

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A non-magical witch, a vampire sheriff, and a werewolf reporter all inhabit the small, paranormal town of Moonflower, where murder is more common than one would expect.

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Party, Potions & Peril


Birthday parties can be deadly.


Samantha Reitenbach is the only non-magical witch in the small, paranormal town of Moonflower. After her husband’s death, she never imagined her life would turn out this way: single parenting while working at her great-aunt’s diner.


When her daughter turns fourteen, Samantha throws a huge party to celebrate. But the festivities take a deadly turn when a body is discovered in her grandmother’s potion room. To make matters worse, the handsome vampire sheriff suspects Samantha’s best friend is the killer.


Can Samantha find the real murderer before her innocent friend is charged? With a cursed talking bat, the sheriff breathing down her neck, and an old flame, she’ll have her hands full.


Party, Potions & Peril is the first paranormal cozy mystery in the Moonflower Mystery Series.

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Quirky characters and a twisty mystery made this book a win for me.

– Amazon Reviewer


What a great cozy mystery. It really draws you in and keeps your interest. Don’t hesitate to grab a copy right away and Enjoy!

– Amazon Reviewer


This series has gotten so good I am happily anticipating the next book

– Amazon Reviwer

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