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Party, Potions & Peril

Birthday parties can be deadly.

Samantha Reitenbach is the only non-magical witch in the small, paranormal town of Moonflower. Being a single parent while working at her great-aunt’s diner was never how she imagined her life turning out, but this is where she ended after her husband’s death.

A huge party to celebrate her daughter turning fourteen turns deadly when a body is discovered in her grandmother’s potion room. To make matters worse, the handsome vampire sheriff believes Samantha’s best friend is the killer.

Between raising a teenager, a cursed talking bat, the sheriff breathing down her neck, and an old flame, can Samantha find the killer before her innocent friend is charged with murder?

Party, Potions & Peril is the first paranormal cozy mystery in the Moonflower Mystery Series.

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Construction, Curses & Crime

Construction is a deadly business.

Samantha Reitenbach is a non-magical witch living in the paranormal town of Moonflower while raising a magical daughter with a pet talking bat. If that wasn’t enough to handle, she has delved into starting a catering business while working full-time at her great-aunt’s diner. Not to mention the whole werewolf ex-boyfriend relationship she isn’t sure she wants to pursue.

Imagine her surprise when the gnome contractor she hired to get the business ready is found dead. The handsome vampire sheriff appears determined to blame the death on someone she adores, who happened to be found unconscious beside the body.

Plenty of secrets and suspects surround the unusual death, but can Samantha discover the truth from the lies in time to keep those she loves from being blamed?

Construction, Curses & Crime is the second paranormal cozy mystery in the Moonflower Mystery Series

Beverly A. Rearick is the author of paranormal cozy mysteries. The paranormal has always been something she’s been interested in since she was young. She even did some paranormal investigations at one time. Besides her love of the paranormal, she is also a lover of anything to do with bats. You will find a bat somewhere in every story she writes.

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Upcoming Books

Coming September 2022

Reunion, Runes & Revenge

The past can lead to murder.

Samantha Reitenbach’s twentieth class reunion has arrived. And the night of reminiscing and dancing turns deadly when a classmate falls from the scaffolding above the stage, a symbol burned into her hand. Tensions rise as an unknown force keeps everyone locked in the school.

Although the handsome sheriff doesn’t want her involved for both personal and professional reasons, she finds herself being pulled into the mysterious death. Time starts to run out to not only find the killer but also to find a way out of the school before the Paranormal Council gets involved.

Being locked in the school and the death aren’t the only things she is dealing with. As the night progresses, situations propel her to either pursue a relationship with one of the two men she is attracted to or finally accept she’s not over her husband’s death.

Can Samantha solve the death before time runs out?

Reunion, Runes & Revenge is the third paranormal cozy mystery in the Moonflower Mystery Series.